Joint European Project
JEP 23030 - 2002
Master of Science in Socio-economics

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Joint European Project (JEP) 23030 – 2002
“Curricula Development for Master of Science in Socio-economics”

The Joint European Project with three years duration is for a curricula development in the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan.


- Develop at the partner faculties Master level Curricula on advanced Micro-, Macro-economics and Econometrics;

- Introduce a credit point system in Central Asian Partner Unis;

- Conduct pilot courses based on the new Curricula;

- Establish a system for evaluation and quality assurance in Central Asian Partner Unis.


Consortium Members

- Tashkent State University of Economics - Tashkent (UZB)

- Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Uzbekistan - Tashkent (UZB)

- Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics - BAFE - Bishkek (KYR)

- Kyrgyz State National University - Bishkek (KYR)

- Kassel International Management School – KIMS (D)

- Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna – IHS (A)

  1. The longer-term goal is the M.Sc. diplomas in economics to be equally recognized by the European Union.
  2. Installation of a functioning framework for evaluation and quality assurance of the economic courses.
  3. Establish at the universities evaluation unit whose independence, is guaranteed through local legislation.
  4. Specific Objective is to develop at the partner faculties of a set of Curricula for a Master program in Economics with the credits earned in accordance to the principles of the European Credit System.
  5. Approval of the developed curricula by the respective Ministry of Higher Education. Acceptance of the credit system during the second project year.
  6. Conduct evaluation reviews at the end-of-the-first & second pilot educational year.



Indicators of progress:

How indicators will be measured:

Conferences on Lecture modules an for definition of the train-the-Professors program Definition of the subjects of the Lecture modules and Selection of the participants of the train-the-Professors program List of modules available and/or to be developed/acquired
Curricula development During the lecture courses scheduled at the IHS the Professors will start drafting the manuals for their courses and seminars (in groups 2 to 3 people – total 34 Professors) Till June 04 the train-the-Professors programme is to produce manuals on:

• General Equilibrium Models

• Public Finance

• Topics of Econometrics

• Topics of Macroeconomics

Sept 2004 – June 2005: Pilot Program in Economics (PIE) in Partner Universities – testing the Curricula Setting up of a Internet supported educational system combining tutorial courses and practice oriented, internet based, seminars/workshops Accreditation of the 4 training manuals.
Setting up of evaluation commissions.
Five additional training manuals proposed for accreditation.
September – December 2005 introduction of EU conform monitoring and quality assurance Practical implementation of M&QA in the regular courses.
Campaign for degrees recognition
Reports on the evaluation and monitoring
Dissemination and Sustainability 2006 Networking with potential stakeholder in Central Asia on a follow up multiplier project, SWOT analysis etc. Report on the analysis and recommendations for dissemination
Quality Control and Monitoring An evaluation committee will provide feedback to the project reports, teaching, quality assurance, etc Evaluation Reports
Management of the Project The Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, will: provide the general project management An IHS internal advisory committee (3 members) will be providing periodic inputs