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Videocast: Enigmatic Baboon 6 - Boot 2014, the Boat Exhibition in Düsseldorf

Marin Balabanov, January 2014

In Episode 6 of the Enigmatic Baboon we take a look at the "Boot 2014", the Boat Exhibition in Düsseldorf. Marvel at boats more expensive than houses! Baffle at kite-surfers in door! And be stunned by divers colliding like drunken meteorites!

See Europe's largest boat and ship exhibition.

This time the Enigmatic Baboon is firmly set in reality! No fantasy or science-fiction in this special episode from Düsseldorf in the strange land of Germany.

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The Enigmatic Baboon is the monthly video cast by Marin Balabanov about comic books, video games, science fiction, drawing and mobile devices.

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