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Videocast: Enigmatic Baboon 8 - Drawing like Rob Liefeld

Marin Balabanov, August 2014

Rob Liefeld is one of the most successful superhero comic artits of the 1990s. While being exceedingly popular his art style is much maligned. Marin likes Rob Liefeld's art despite all of its shortcomings. In this video he tries to ape the style. Let's see if he succeeds.

Rob Liefeld is one of the most controversial yet successful comic book artists. He is famous for his work on "New Mutants", "X-Force" for Marvel, "Hawk and Dove" for DC and "Youngblood" for Image. Liefeld was one of the founders of Image Comics in 90s and has sold many a million of comic bookds. Many pundits say that he does not deserve his success because supposedly he cannot draw. Marin quite likes Rob Liefeld's artwork.

In this episode of the Enigmatic Baboon Marin makes the attempt to draw like Rob Liefeld. Let's see how it goes!

The music for this episode is brought to you by Uncle Bibby with the tracks "A Simple Complex" and "Happi" (All tracks from Free Music Project Vol. 1 by UncleBibby are licensed under aAttribution License.

If you like Rob Liefeld's comics and want to stay up-to-date with all publications, Check out Rob Liefeld's iOS app in the iTunes App Store:

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The Enigmatic Baboon is the monthly video cast by Marin Balabanov about comic books, video games, science fiction, drawing and mobile devices.

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