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Dani-E Comics

In 2005 and 2006, I published six issues of the comic magazine XEGO in German called "XEGO" and touted as "the trash comix egozine for the ego shooter generation". The main feature starred Dani-E, the intergalactic go-go dancer, and ran for 16 pages which I produced in color but printed in black-and-white. The second regular feature was Travelic, a parody of Marvel's Silver Surfer but without the board and with a silly accent. This usually ran six to eight pages, produced and printed in black-and-white. The third feature was either a prose short story with illustrations or a short comic story. This usually also ran about eight pages. The covers were printed in color.

I wrote and drew XEGO during a time when I wanted the material to be silly and edgy and parodistic like US underground comics in color. These choices no longer hold up well. The stories are tone deaf and inappropriate. I would definitely not invest my time in producing comics like these today. Therefore in this gallery, I have removed all captions and speech balloons to let the artworks stand for itself.

XEGO No. 1

XEGO 1 Cover

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XEGO No. 2

XEGO 2 Cover

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XEGO No. 3

XEGO 3 Cover

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XEGO No. 4

XEGO 4 Cover

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XEGO No. 5

XEGO 5 Cover

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XEGO No. 6

XEGO 6 Cover

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