Privacy Policy

We take our users' privacy very seriously, and we want to make it clear that we do not collect or store any user data on this website or in any of our apps.

We understand the importance of protecting your personal information, and we do not engage in any practices that could compromise your privacy. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you use our services, your data is safe and secure.

We don't even track the number of visitors on this website. Please note that there are a number of Youtube videos embedded on this website, and Youtube may track your data. Please refer to Youtube's privacy policy for more information.

Some Details About This Website

Here are some details about this website in no particular order:

  • This website is served by United Domains in Bavaria using Apache.
  • This website is designed using Bootstrap 5, completely vanilla without any design modifications so that I can update it to future versions of Bootstap. The only custom CSS used here makes Youtube videos occupy the full available column width.
  • Everything on this website is handcrafted.
  • I generated the recent dozen of pages using my own little static site generator written in JavaScript/Node.js that takes my Markdown text and inserts it together with the appropriate images into one of two page template of my own making. If needed, it generates the table of content for quicklinks on the right side of the screen. I have not made this program available yet because it I want to clean it up. Frankly, I'm not happy with the code quality and readability to release it as it is. (And I'm thinking of rewriting it cleanly in Python, more to learn to use the language better for my day job than a specific preference for it.)
  • All pages on this website are validated using HTML Tidy.
  • The pages on this website do not validate fully according to the W3 Nu HTML Checker. It warns about trailing slashes on void elements and the type declaration in JavaScript tags. I have decided not to change this.
  • This website has no dynamic page elements except for the Youtube videos. Everything you see is loaded in one go.
  • The animated sections of this website (e.g. the banner at the top of the home page and the end section on the about page) are responsive. I animated them with Tumult Hype 4, a wonderful tool to create interactive web content and animations.
  • This website does not load any analytics scripts.
  • This website does not use cookies.