In this section, you will find a selection of my video work over the years. I have made videos about comics, drawing, science fiction, and design. The videos are hosted on Youtube and cover a wide range of topics. I hope you enjoy them.

Design Videos

A Wide Variety of Videos

Over the years, I recorded a number of Youtube videos on many different subjects like the Bitmap Brothers game "Chaos Engine" on the Atari ST, about the iPad apps that support the full resolution on external displays, on how to draw Captain America and a number of different design topics.

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Creating Videos Using AI

Using AI Tools to Make Explainer Videos

What if you could create your own explainer videos without much effort? I decided to try it myself and made three explainer videos in only one day using generally available and cheap artificial intelligence tools. The results are perfectly workable. Take a look at the three videos that came out.

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Enigmatic Baboon

Youtube Series on Fantasy and Science Fiction

In 2013 and 2014, I made a series of Youtube videos about movies, comic books, science fiction, and drawing. The series covers a drawing tutorial, an experiment to draw like comics artist Rob Liefeld, visiting fantasy, and comics conventions and reviews of Doctor Who and an issue of the Fantastic Four comics series.

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