Pixeling in the Retrosphere*

Creating a Comic Book on 1980s Hardware

Pixel Art Comic Project by Marin Balabanov

All five comic pages of this project

About this Project

In 2018, I started this project to create a comic story using 1980s computer hardware. To be specific, I refurbished a thirty year old Atari computer, upgraded it and then pixel-painted a five page comic using the art package NEOChrome Master and only 16 colors.

On the following pages you will find the project videos and the project documentation.

Video 1: Upgrading the Hardware

The first in a three-part series of videos chronicling a project about the process of of upgrading an Atari Mega STE so that it can be used to create a five page comic using NeoChrome.

Video 2: Initial Designs and Proof-of-Concept

In this second video I show how I created the plot and the initial sketches for the comic, as well as a first colored proof-of-concept to get a feeling for the process.

Video 3: Drawing and Finishing the Comic

In this final video I walk through the process of pixeling the comic on an Atari ST using NEOChrome.

Table of Contents

This is the full documentation of the project showing how I upgraded an Atari Mega STE, sketched the characters and backgrounds, and then pixeled a five page comic in 16 colors using the paint package NEOChrome.

You can read the documentation as individual web pages by following the table of contents below (recommended) or the whole documentation on one page (not recommended).

[*] The original title of this project was "The Future was 16-Bit".
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